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More and more young people experience prematurely grey hair. Stress, unhealthy habits, and genetics seem to be the main causes of this problem. You must know that you can get rid of grey hair by appealing to natural treatments such as:

1. Coconut oil and curry leaves

Curry is the miracle ingredient that is used in food, is a recognized anticancer and used in cosmetics it helps to prevent gray hair appearance. Curry leaves have great property to retain the original hair color. As long as you include this plant in your diet, the problem of gray hair will decrease significantly.



– 100 ml of coconut oil
– a handful of curry leaves


Mix curry leaves with coconut oil, then put on fire and let them boil. The fire stops when the leaves are very dark. Pass composition through a strainer and put it in a jar that closes tightly.

Apply this hair mask at night and rub the scalp gently for 15-20 minutes. Rinse your hair in the morning. To see the effects of this herbal remedy for gray hairs you have to be patient while you apply it at least three months.

2. Sesame oil and carrot juice mix to combat gray hair


– sesame oil
– carrot juice (both liquids must be in the same amount)
– fenugreek seed powder (half the amount of liquids)


Mix sesame oil, carrot juice and powder in a clean glass, then put the mixture in the sun for 21 days. Apply the mask on your hair and leave it to take effect for 20 minutes. You have to use at least three months in order to see the effects, and the results are considered to be miraculous.

3. Onion juice

Onion is an excellent remedy when you’re dealing with premature hair graying. Recently, researchers found that this process occurs due to the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide at the base of hair follicles, on the one hand, and all because of a lower level of an antioxidant compound called catalase, on the other hand.

To make a mask, mix onion juice with a few drops of essential oil to remove the pungent odor of onions. Massage the scalp a few minutes, then leave the mask to take effect between 30 minutes and an hour. Repeat this beauty ritual every day for several weeks and you’ll see the effects.

Image Credits: IJVDL