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A beautiful skin, thick and silky hair, a neat manicure and a white smile are the most precious accessories a woman can wear, so you have to make the impossible possible to take care of these natural jewelries, especially in winter.

And here you have the most precious natural remedy to take proper care of your hair.
While there are hundreds of products in stores that promise a miraculous effect, it’s easier to use some simple and natural ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp in depth without any side effects.

– 1 egg yolk
– 1 medium banana
– 100 ml of beer
– 2 tablespoons of honey


How to prepare:
To prepare this banana and beer hair mask, put the yolk in a bowl and mix it well for a few minutes, then mash the banana until it forms a paste. Mix the banana paste and the mixed egg yolk, pour the beer and add the honey over them and mix again very well to obtain a homogenous composition.

How to use:
Apply the mask on the clean and damp hair, after separating it into a few sections, to its whole length insisting on its roots. Cover your head with a shower cap and let the mask act for two hours, then rinse your hair with lukewarm water. You can use this mask 3 times a week for optimal results!

Image Credits: Newsnish